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Easter Brunch: Apple Chicken Hash

POSTED ON April 16, 2014

We’ve heard your feedback and know how much you are loving every recipe we’ve shared from the amazing Erika Peterson. Today, we’re sharing her hea...
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How Colorful Are Your Veggies?

POSTED ON April 9, 2014

We are huge veggie fans around here! No surprise, right?! We love veggies because they’re super nutritious, very calorie friendly, and yummy! I’m often asked wh...
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Our New Dessert Diet!

POSTED ON April 1, 2014

Finally, a diet that allows you to eat any dessert you want, everyday, while still losing massive amounts of weight… April Fools! I’m sorry, but in the ...
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All About Calories

POSTED ON March 24, 2014

Calories. You’ll find them in 99.99% of everything you eat and drink. They can be your greatest friends or your worst enemies. Eat fewer than you need and you...
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The Winning Protein Powder Recipes Revealed!

POSTED ON March 21, 2014

I asked…and you answered! In fact, 274 of you shared your super creative ideas for using protein powder! It was so hard to choose just two winners, but here t...
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Protein Powder: It’s not just for shakes anymore! + Giveaway!

POSTED ON March 19, 2014

Congratulations to our Winners! Winning recipes submitted by Alvina Green and Tandi V. We always say that protein is the building block of these things we call R...
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