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ArizonaFoothillsMagazine.com: Women Who Move the Valley

POSTED ON January 1, 2014

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Originally published on ArizonaFoothillsMagazine.com

Heidi Powell

Trainer and Transformation Specialist on “Extreme Weight Loss”

“In the last year, you may have seen Heidi Powell on the television show “Extreme Weight Loss” with her husband and host, Chris Powell. What many people don’t know is that Heidi has been helping people improve their lives long before she was ever featured on the show. At first glance, you may think Heidi’s passion is health and fitness, which is a big part of her life, but her true passion is people. On a daily basis, Heidi goes above and beyond for each person she helps transform. Many times Heidi is introduced to people at a dark time in their lives when they are trying to fight for their health. She not only helps them fight to get their life and bodies back, but she also rolls up her sleeves and fights in the trenches with them. Each person is met with such compassion and positivity; you can’t help but believe anything is possible. It is impossible to walk away from working with Heidi unchanged for the better. The incredible part is that this dedicated wife and mother leaves behind her a trail of inspiration that has created a ripple effect across the globe. So many of the people she has helped are helping others, teaching them what they have learned from her. Heidi is one of those rare, amazing women who leaves each person and place better than when she found it.” —Jacqui McCoy, former “Extreme Weight Loss” participant

ArthurKade.com: Changing Lives With Chris and Heidi Powell From ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss”

POSTED ON September 8, 2013

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Originally published on ArthurKade.com.
Changing Lives With Chris and Heidi Powell From ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/3467

Chris Powell is the trainer and transformation specialist on ABC’s highly rated “Extreme Weight Loss” (formerly known as “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition). In the adocumentary-style series, Chris and his wife Heidi Powell travel the country and use their innovative techniques, education and expertise to guide extremely overweight individuals as they shed hundreds of pounds over the course of a year. Empowering thousands across the globe, they work side by side to carry out their vision of transforming lives from the inside out. This summer, Chris and Heidi welcomed America into her home on the ABC.com web series “Meet the Powell Pack.

Adding best-selling author to his list of accolades, Chris’s first book Choose to Lose, was released by Hyperion in December 2011 and has soared to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list multiple times. The book provides motivation, nutrition, exercise, tips, and tricks to help anyone lose those last twenty pounds. His second book, Choose More Lose More, For Life, recently hit stands and focuses on choices. It immediately soared to the New York Times Best Seller list. The book offers readers four different carb cycles, and twenty new workouts called Nine-Minute Missions that pack maximum results into minimum time.

In most recent developments, Heidi has joined together with Vemma, one of the premiere leaders in liquid wellness supplementation, to help make a positive difference in the $80 billion domestic weight loss market. This program, called the Vemma Bod•e 12-Week Transformation Plan, allows her to coach tens of thousands of people five to six times a day via texting, email and the latest in iPhone app technology.

Chris is a regular contributor to “Good Morning America” and “The Doctor Oz Show,” and has been the Transformation Pro on KTVK’s “Good Morning Arizona” for the last ten years – delivering tips, shortcuts, and tricks of the trade to the largest news viewing audience in Arizona.

Changing Lives With Chris and Heidi Powell From ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss” - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/3467

To the Inspiring Coach Bob

POSTED ON September 4, 2013

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To one of our dearest friends,

Bob, we couldn’t be any more proud of the person you have become over the last year. Let’s be honest…you’ve been as amazing as they come from the start, but proved that even the best of the best have room for self-betterment.

As a father, a husband, and a friend, you lead by example in all that you do. You live what you preach, and are one heck of a buddy ☺. Even from thousands of miles away most of the year (except our awesome trip to Paris, and a few occasional flights to each other’s home towns), you made it easy to feel connected to you and your awesome wife Kelli ☺. Your life-advice is always appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Now let’s talk about the record-breaker you are!!!! Did you ever think you would be the greatest weight loss of any many we had ever worked with?? How darn cool is that? Your hard work sure did pay off, and I know it wasn’t easy. You are proof to this world that bumps, bruises, and roadblocks don’t have to stop you from reaching your dreams. You teach by your actions that you can, in fact, use these challenges as springboards for greater success!

We are blessed and honored to have you in our lives, Bob. You and Kelli are two wonderful people, and we are BEYOND excited for all of the great stuff you have in the works! This is JUST the beginning for you, my friend!


Heidi and Chris

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To Mike, The Superhero!

POSTED ON August 14, 2013

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Mike…aka Superhero,

Unlike many of the people we work with, you had an epiphany within the first week of your journey – when your medical exams disqualified you. Instead of giving up in defeat, you fought back and refused to leave. Mike, you had something to prove, to yourself and to your family…and boy are we glad you did.

You turned out to be one of the greatest transformations we have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Part of what makes you so incredible is that you always made the best of EVERY situation…no matter how much life rained down upon you. Even in the worst of times, your mantra remained ‘I’ve never had a bad day in my life’. And more than anyone we know, you truly lived it.

Mike, although we may have taught you a new perspective on transformation, YOU have taught us so much about patience, work ethic, determination, and perseverance. You are a true inspiration, and we are so excited for the world to finally meet such a unique and beautiful person.

You will always be someone that we look up to. We will forever be lifelong friends. We love you, Mike!

Heidi and Chris

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Truly Stunning Trina!

POSTED ON July 24, 2013

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You so gracefully shared your struggles with the world, and taught us all the power of perseverance. Your journey was full of ups and downs (just as life is), and you developed such a powerful skill set to endure. It took some time to find your groove, but when you did, you were unstoppable! On top of it all, to reach out and help your fellow nurses embark upon their own journey of transformation . . . shows your true colors.  Their lives are forever changed because of you :-).

And look at you now . . . truly stunning – both inside and out!  We sure love you, and are so darn proud of you!

Heidi and Chris

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Record Breaking Transformation! Congratulations Mehrbod!

POSTED ON July 17, 2013

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Where do I even begin? WHAT a year it was, friend. I feel like the luckiest person
alive because I got so much of you in AZ!!!!! Happy times :).

You created one of the most incredible transformations I’ve ever seen – part of what
made it so incredible was your struggle midway. Isn’t it funny how life’s biggest
challenges and “mess ups” end up being our hugest blessings? I am a firm believer,
and I know you are too, that the mistakes we make DO define who we are: are we
courageous, or are we a coward? YOU, Mehrbod, are courageous. I can only image
how difficult it was for you to come clean . . . not only to us, but to America. The
respect I have for you is immense.

Mona, I’m not leaving you out of this! Not only are you one of the most gorgeous (on
the outside) woman I have ever met in my life, you are equally as gorgeous, kind, fun,
and adorable on the inside. I’m so happy the world got to meet you too! Even
happier am I that you guys are forever friends.

Love you both more than you know, and can’t wait for more dinners in OC with you
two love birds!

Now go get married and have some babies for the Powell Pack to play with!


Heidi (and Chris, of course . . . we are one!)

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The Incredible Cornelliers

POSTED ON July 3, 2013

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Jason and Rachel,

You guys are PRIME examples of overcoming challenges despite the obstacles in our way. Case in point? You seemingly-effortlessly balanced two kids (TWINS!), work, and everyday life while transforming yourselves from the inside out! You guys never cease to amaze me.

Whether you realized it or not, you two served as my own personal role models for how to keep the kiddos a priority in the midst of taking care of yourselves and bettering your lives ☺.

I am a better person because of you two. It has been a pleasure meeting two people we know will be lifelong friends. And for Matix and Marley too, who just adore (like we do) Sam and Sabrina.

I hope you share your secrets with the world on your new website www.ourfamilybalance.com…we could use them!

We love you guys and couldn’t be happier for your marital, your family, and your personal successes!!!


Heidi and Chris ☺

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June 11th – NBA Playoffs bumps “Extreme Weight Loss” – Returning 6/24

POSTED ON May 19, 2013

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Tune in to ABC on Tuesday evenings to catch the riveting transformations of 15 new contestants as they commit to losing weight over 1 year.

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Transformation Inspiration: Jacqui McCoy

POSTED ON May 10, 2013

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Transformation Inspiration Jacqui McCoy Before and After - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/1407

Every once in a while, somebody comes into your life and opens your eyes to a new level of compassion and understanding.  Two years ago, Chris and I were fortunate enough to meet one such person.  Jacqui McCoy.  She was on a journey of discovery of herself.  While she was soft-spoken and seemingly shy, she was a leader in her own right.  Although she struggled with her weight for years, she had an incredible sense of awareness of herself, and openly embraced our coaching.  As she changed herself, she became a beacon of change for others around her, helping them navigate their own journey.

Her observations through her journey were so profound, as she shared her discoveries, she opened up a whole new understanding of the emotional journey for us.  Often times, we found ourselves astutely listening to her advice and coaching, so that we could apply it to OUR lives.

I love you, Jacqui, and am grateful to be able to call you a friend :).

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