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DIY Thanksgiving Placement Craft

DIY Thanksgiving Placemats

With Thanksgiving only a week from today, we are gearing up for everything Thanksgiving-related and doing all we can to prep for Turkey Day! Thanksgiving

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Marley’s 12th Birthday Brag Book

Driven, highly intelligent, wise beyond her years, aware, savvy, nurturing, thoughtful, intuitive, beautiful, classy, kind, heart of gold, incredibly organized, hard working, and one of

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Halloween Sweet Treats

  Confession time. It?s officially the second half of October, just a couple weeks away from Halloween, and I don?t have a single Halloween decoration

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Grocery Shopping 101

While going to the grocery store is somewhat therapeutic for some, it?s kind of like pulling teeth for me. Really. I?d rather clean the bathrooms

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To My Babies…

Ruby ? your toothy (and somewhat vampire-like) smile is EVERYTHING. There are times when I stumble, bleary eyed and sleep deprived into your room to

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Rapid Fire?Volume 2

    As much as I love sharing instructional, informational videos with all of you, let?s be honest?the real fun happens when Chris and I

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